Identifying Unnatural Links To Your Website

Posted on: February 15th, 2013 by seoexpert4u, Category - Search Engine Optimization

Recently, Matt Cutts, the Google’s head of search spam released a video on how webmasters can locate the unnatural links pointing to their website.

As you might already be aware, Google has been sending warnings to webmasters who have unnatural links to their site. It is imperative that they act as soon as they receive the e-mail. But this can get tricky when you do not know which links are unnatural and which ones is the right one.

Matt Cutts in his video gives two ways to find out about such links.

1. Webmaster Tools offers sorting by which you can list them by most recent links.

2. If you have received an unnatural link warning email from Google then you must have noticed the examples of unnatural links attached with them. These associated examples help you out with starting the cleanup process and you can then get rid of the unnatural links from your website.

Google had already come up with this feature ten months ago or so, therefore it has been available for webmasters since then.

Here is the video from Matt Cutts on removing unnatural links:

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